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Do I need a Family Office?

Do I need a Family Office? Before deciding, ask yourself the following questions, your decision will be more accurate

The key question is: Do I need a Family Office? The decision to hire a Family office is very important and personal, especially because, if you make the right choice, it will become a long-term relationship.

The questions you will find below can help you make an assessment of the needs and goals of your family.

If you answer "yes" to any of the questions listed below, do not hesitate to contact us to evaluate if you should become a Cluster Family Office client.

Necesito un family office

Family Office, do I really need it?

My family wants:

  •  A plan for the integral management of our wealth, which takes into account:
    • Investments to be made
    • Proactive fiscal planning
    • Donations, Successions and
    • Optimal property structures
  • A comprehensive risk management study to protect our wealth and our family
  • An investment policy that fits the needs of my family, including the selection and monitoring of the best fund managers, that allows a reasonable diversification and offers consolidated performance reports
  • To save time and avoid complexities, thanks to a Family office that acts as coordinator in all matters that related to the management of our wealth
  • To benefit from savings in transaction costs
  • To coordinate of our professional advisors, including lawyers and accountants, to ensure that the family goals are met
  • To be able to engage in philanthropic projects that contribute to improve their social environment
  • To have the confidence that, if something happens to me (or the decision maker), there will be someone who knows our family and our wealth, that would be able to help us make the transition to future generations
  • To enjoy a proactive, professional and responsible service of a company whose origin is identical to mine

Yes, I need a Family Office...

...I don't need a Family Office

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