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Wealth Management for sports professionals and artists

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Wealth advice for Athletes and Artists

In case you are an athlete or an artist, we also have a product specially designed and developed for you.

CFO offers a complete wealth advice service that will help you:

  1. In your representation as an athlete or artist
  2. In the negotiation of professional contracts
  3. In event management
  4. To search for sponsors
  5. Manage of external relations and image
  6. And even in post-professional future training and planning

"Wealth Advisory Services for athletes and artists. CFO"


Cluster Family Office offers clients representation to third parties in order to support him/her in all his/her professional trajectory).

We have a trained team of professionals, including some former professional players at the highest level, who understand and identify with the situations that an athlete or artist might have, advising them at all times to help them evolve successfully in their careers.


The CFO team has accredited FIFA agents to carry out the representation of players before football clubs.
The representation for athletes or artists that Cluster Family Office offers includes:

  1.  Support and assistance to the client in the negotiation of professional contracts, offering an external opinion and analyzing future implications.
  2. Advice and individualized assistance.

CFO Values


Wealth Management Services for Athletes and Artists

Within our wealth counseling for athletes and artists we offer the following services:

  • Representation
  • Negotiation of professional contracts
  • Event management and sponsor search
  • Management of external relations and image
  • Global Wealth Management
  • Equity Coaching
  • Concierging
  • Training and planning of the post-professional future

Negotiation of contracts

CFO represents clients before third parties to support them in their entire professional career, either if they are an artist or athlete.

For this reason, we also offer a complete service of negotiation of professional contracts, where our advisors will work to always obtain the greatest benefits for our clients.

In this sense, we support and assist the client in negotiating professional contracts, backed by law firms that are experts in contract negotiation. We act as liaisons between the professional and the contractor, looking after the interests of the client.

We offer an external and expert opinion, that includes an analysis of the future implications for the client.

In the negotiation of professional contracts we intervene in such important topics as:

  • Support and assistance to the client in the negotiation of professional contracts, offering an external opinion.
  • Analysis of future implications.
  • Advice and individualized assistance.
Family Office gestión de patrimonio

Management of the professional’s presence in off-line media:


  • Printed press
  • Television
  • Radio


And on-line:


  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Internet press


And attention to the image that is projected in public in general.

Asset management in all those areas that affect the proper management of assets, namely, global wealth planning; financial, property and private equity investments consulting; the creation of efficient asset, fiscal and legal structures; inheritance, succession and wills; insurance and philanthropy.

Cluster Family Office has developed a protocol to assess, orient and train professionals who wish to improve their knowledge of the management of personal assets in those areas that arouse the greatest interest.


So that in the future, when the time comes to retire, this does not become a problem, but rather, thanks to the work and effort made, the situation proceeds with complete normality with the guarantee that the assets accumulated during the working years, will provide happiness and stability so that the professional may dedicate themselves to what they wish.

Assistance to the professional in everything related to leisure, personal and family well-being, so that it may delegate at any time any management requirements, commitments or obligations, given that we solve any unexpected matter that may arise on a day to day basis.

It is important not to leave until the last minute, until retirement, the decision on what activities to carry out once the professional withdraws. 


Cluster Family Office orients the professional, given that it knows better than anyone his or her abilities and capabilities, in the development to  follow a professional career, and the different possibilities that open up once the career comes to an end, keeping in mind that the tranquillity that is brought by having the assets accumulated over the course of a career properly managed, means having a sound cushion when it comes to facing the future with optimism.

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