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Consulting and support for your Family Office

Consulting and support for your Family Office

We know that efficient asset management is extremely important for your Family Office.

For this reason, we offer a complete consulting service and support to Family Offices that precisely offers the possibility to resolve any doubts you may have.

In addition, we provide complete support for your Family Office, which translates into the advice you need at any time.

To fulfill all this, we offer the following services:

  1. Analysis of your Family Office
  2. Operational diagnosis of  and implementation of solutions
  3. Advice on software and equipment remodeling
  4. Support of specific areas of your Family Office
  5. Attention to family members
  6. Family Business Consulting
  7. Supervision and monitoring

"Because we all need help at some point in our lives, especially when we want to preserve, increase and perpetuate our heritage for the next generations "

Consulting and Support services offered to Family Offices

Operational Analysis

Cluster Family Office advises you how to optimize your Family Office.
In order to do this, we analyze how your Family Office works, review the various structures and operating systems adopted by the Family Office to ensure that its work is developing the goals that are proposed by the family.

Support - Specific areas

Although once a Family Office that has gained some experience it can be easily administrable, the fact is that most business families need adequate support for specific areas.

CFO provides consultancy and support to Family Offices in those specific areas that you need in order to help them provide an comprehensive advice and service to the families.

CFO Values


Diagnostics & Implementation of solutions

For a Family Office to function properly, it is essential – and necessary – to check if the goals set by the family are being met.
In order to complete this, the operational diagnosis helps to review how the Family Office works, always trying to offer improvements that allow the implementation of solutions that help in its optimization.

Human Resources Support

Not all Family Offices function properly from start. Unfortunately, some work inefficiently throughout their lives, and large fortunes often endure perpetual inefficiencies.
For this reason, CFO can provide HR advise on optimizing your Staff  in order to always meet one of the main objectives:

So that the Family Office provides safe and accurate service to the Family.

Within our Family Office counseling service, CFO provides attention to family members, allowing you to resolve any doubts or questions that you and your family may need at any time.


As it could not be otherwise, this attention is always personalized, and meets a clear objective:


Always advise you on what your family needs

Our family business consulting service is a service specially designed to cover all the needs that your family business may have, provided within our consulting service and support to your Family Office.

The objective is, after completing an in-depth study of the operation of the Family Office, to support the team in the aspects that it needs the most.

This allows you to continue to manage your own team with the support and external vision of professionals whose interests are fully aligned with those of the Family.

Within the selection, training and monitoring of the analysis team, which is responsible for analyzing the correct management of capital (as well as the management of equity), the following advantages stand out:

  1. Support in areas where the Family Office has more deficiencies
  2. Support the team in those aspects that are most needed
  3. Management of an own team with the support and the external vision of professionals
  4. Counseling by professionals whose interests are fully aligned with those of the Family

Obtaining the support and consulting of a Family Office is very important to maintain and raise your standard of living and that of your family.

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