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Why should you trust Cluster Group?

Trust needs to be earned

Cluster Group has a team of professionals made up of specialists in different areas of wealth management.

It has an extensive network of prestigious collaborators along with whom are provide an integral service, such as the financial firm Banco Alcalá of whom we are Authorized Officers. This network of collaborators together with the internal team of professionals of Cluster Family Office allows us to completely cover all the needs that the families have in terms of wealth management.

Cluster Group professionals are guided by the standards of conduct of the CFA Institute Code of Ethics.

In order to:

  1. Ensure alignment of our interests with those of our clients
  2. Provide the best possible service
  3. Ensure professional conduct

The Code of Ethics of the CFA Institute defines the ethical and professional responsibilities of the wealth management companies by providing standards and guides of support.

por qué he de confiar en Cluster Family Office

Cluster Family Office - More about us

"Transparency is a fundamental pillar both in management and in our own way of working"

Cluster Group is a Multi-Family Office, with an International vision, headquartered in Barcelona with branch offices in Madrid and Mexico.

It is dedicated trough Banco Alcalá to provide advice and integral wealth management services, as well as supporting and advising the creation or optimization of Single Family Offices.

Cluster Family Office was created from the single family office of the founder of the company, who for over two decades has been dedicated to the management of family assets.

After extending its activities to the family´s social environment, the company became a multi-family office, from where we protect the family interests of our clients and manage their assets based on their personal goals.

Cluster Group has no shareholding ties with the world of banking, private equity, or legal-fiscal firms.

Our origin and our way of working allows us to have a global and independent approach in the management of our clients´ wealth. 

Cluster Family Office - Ethical Criteria

The CFA Institute is a global association of investment professionals that awards the title of CFA (Chartered Financial Advisor) and CIPM (Certificate in Investment Performance Measurement).

Promotes the highest ethical standards and offers a range of training opportunities throughout the world.

The Code of Ethics for Heritage Managers states that the responsibilities that managers should have with their customers are:

  1. Always act professionally and ethically.
  2. Acting on behalf of clients.
  3. Act independently and objectively.
  4. Act with knowledge, competence and diligence.
  5. Communicate with customers regularly and accurately.
  6. Support and abide the rules governing capital markets

CFA Code of Ethics is organized into six categories of principles that outline the conduct expected of professional investment managers.

Each category contains the ethical standards that define the responsibility of managers when they offer wealth management services to clients.

  • A. Loyalty to clients.
  • B. Investment Process and Actions.
  • C. Purchase of financial instruments.
  • D. Risk management, regulation and monitoring of support.
  • E. Evolution and measurement.
  • F. Other information.

Some examples of the standards of the Code are:

premios CFO

A Wealth Manager must:

  1. Putting clients’ interests ahead of their own.
  2. Use reasonable and prudent judgement when managing client assets.
  3. Establish policies to ensure a fair allocation of assets among different customers.
  4. Hire qualified professionals and acquire both technological and human resources to thoroughly investigate, analyze, implement and monitor investment decisions.
  5. Provide performance reports in a fair, accurate, relevant, timely and complete manner.
  6. Managers must not misrepresent the performance of individual portfolios.
  7. Communicate with customers regularly and timely.

The Code sets minimum standards for ethical behavior, allowing managers flexibility depending on the size and structure of each firm.

The guidance in the Code allows managers to develop their own policies and procedures in line to meet any additional regulatory requirements.

For this reasons, Cluster Family Office assures you a competent and honest management of your wealth.

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