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Asset Management – Multi-Family Office

Asesoramiento patrimonial Multi family office

Wealth Management for entrepreneurs and investors - Multi-Family Office

Cluster Group customers enjoy a wide range of global services created to provide a personalized response to all the needs of the Family.
Comprehensive services for those clients who seek competent and expert wealth advice, with the help of a multidisciplinary team of specialists in each subject.
Cluster Group offers tailor-made services to the needs of each Client, from the small saver / investor to the more complex management of large fortunes and assets.

Cluster Family Office, the trusted partner in advice and wealth management that you are missing.

Who needs wealth advice?

Clients of medium or high net worth, small investors, as well as people who have suddenly received fortunes (inheritance, lottery, …), who want to delegate in an external and professional team the management of their wealth or that they wish to learn how to co-manage their assets in the future with the assistance of the Cluster Group and Banco Alcalá team.
You might need Wealth advice, for any of these reasons:

  1. Lack of knowledge or interest
  2. Limited time available, because you are managing you own company
  3. Because you want to dedicate your free time to other activities

For any of these reasons, it is common for families to delegate the integral management of their assets  to independent consultants. Cluster Group and Banco Alcalá offers you the most suitable wealth advice for your needs.

Tax and legal advice

Cluster Family Office provides tax and legal advice based on your needs and country of residence, within our patrimonial advice. These service include the following:

  1. Patrimonial Transmission, Legal Structures and International Tax Advice
  2. Multigenerational Heritage Transmission
  3. Selection of the proper legal structure the ensures the protection of their wealth and heirs and optimizes the tax burden
  4. Succession planning to avoid family and social problems related to the transfer of assets
  5. Creation of the necessary structures for the maintenance of their GWP and and to improve the tax implications
  6. International tax advice
  7. Personal income tax returns
  8. Corporate Taxes
  9. Legal advice in any matter that the members of the family may have.

Benefits of being a Multi-Family Office client

Cluster Group, as authorized agents of the financial firm Banco Alcalá, offers you the following services, as part of their integral wealth management approach:


  1. Global Wealth Planning
  2. Financial advice
  3. Real estate investment advice
  4. Private equity advice
  5. Creation of efficient heritage structures
  6. Tax and legal matters
  7. Integration of the family advisors team
  8. Inheritance, succesions, wills, etc.
  9. Concierging
  10. Philanthropy
  11. Insurance
  12. Family Services
Let’s take a closer look at some of them.

Global Wealth Planning

Our Global Wealth Planning includes the process of analyzing, evaluating, and establishing the guidelines to be followed when managing the Client´s wealth over time.
In order to do this, we restructure and adapt the assets of the family business to the vital objectives of each Family:

  1. Financial assets
  2. Real estate assets
  3. Corporate assets

This initial analysis takes into account all the personal circumstances of the family, which are of vital importance to know, before proceeding to make any type of recommendation. These circumstances include:

  1. Annual income
  2. Future plans and objectives
  3. Family situation
  4. Risk aversion
  5. Financial knowledge

Carrying out investment proposals in unlisted companies, which adapt to the needs and circumstances of the family, with the objective of contributing to their growth and expansion.


In order to make these recommendations, our team of analysts studies a multitude of proposals, both those from entrepreneurs and from international managers of internationally-recognised prestige, placing special emphasis on analysing the management team’s vision, its knowledge of sectors and the geographic reach, the strategy of the project, the added value it provides and its investment criteria.

Consulting on the optimisation of personal income taxes for the members of the family and carrying them out.


Externalization of the company’s accounting, presenting the annual accounts, the profit and loss report and balance sheet.


Legal consulting for any conflict that the family members may have.

Over the years, families typically have support from people of trust for consulting in areas such as legal or tax areas. 


In our efforts to lend the best possible integral service, we are accustomed to communicating with the family’s consultants and gaining support from them, given that they understand the personal and family circumstances perfectly, to jointly provide an optimum service, always guaranteeing the independence and alignment of the client’s interests.

Planning of inheritances to reduce their fiscal and tax impact. 


Analysis of current wills of the family members, if any exist.  Help with drafting these, in accordance with personal interests.


Planning of succession in family companies.

Assistance to the Family in everything related to leisure, personal and family well-being, so that it may delegate at any time any management requirements, commitments or obligations, given that we solve any unexpected matter that may arise on a day to day basis.

Analysis of Non-Governmental Organisations and Foundations, to evaluate their potential and capacity to effectively manage their resources, in order to achieve the greatest possible impact in their environments.


Recommendations, on the basis of the aforementioned prior analysis, of organisations via which to channel donations, supervising and monitoring these.


Assistance and consulting on the creation of family foundations

Analysis of the family’s current insurance policies and assessment of the contracting of those that best suit the current and future needs of all the members, optimising costs and policies.

Cluster Family Office and Access USA Spain provide advice and accompany families whose children want to study at the most prestigious universities in the US, preparing them for entrance exams, SAT-ACT, TOEFL, etc. We assist them throughout the process from beginning to end (applications, Essays, visas, etc.). We are also specialists in recreational or sports summer camps, career coaching to guide them into what career students would like to pursue, and pre-college summer courses to prepare students who are planning to attend American universities.

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