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How and when should I talk to my children about the family fortune, and what relationship they should have with money throughout their adolescence? Who can advise me globally in everything about my wealth? How can I measure the actual risks of my investments and protect my assets properly? How will I be remembered by my family and social environment after I am gone? Do I measure correctly the opportunity-cost of my investments and optimize the potential of my assets internationally? Do my tax advisers obtain the maximum tax-savings available for my wealth or I am paying more taxes than necessary? Should I leave all inheritances matters clearly defined despite feeling perfectly well? How I can avoid the negative effects that my fortune may generate to my children? Is our wealth enough to maintain our current standard of living over time? Are my advisors honest and competent? Are their interests fully aligned with those of my family? How can our wealth help to optimize the education of my children overseas? Do I have sufficient liquidity and stable income to cover my expenses permanently? How, when, and how much should I invest in stocks?

Front National: La futura política monetaria de Francia y la UE

Sí, sí, ya sabemos que las propuestas de Marine Le Pen suelen ser extremas e incluso peligrosas, al menos...

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Michael Burry, un gestor tan atípico como brillante.

Nuestro amigo Marc Garrigasait, gestor de Koala Capital SICAV y Panda Agriculture & Water Fund FI, ha publicado en su...

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El principio del fin de la burbuja de deuda… y sus consecuencias.

Parece que la victoria de Trump, coincidiendo en el tiempo con el inicio de subidas de tipos por parte...

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Demonstrated experience

The founders of Cluster Group have, for more than 20 years, managed their families wealth and worked with several Clients and Families, entrepreneurs and investors, helping them grow their wealth

100% confidential

All information, bidirectionally, from Cluster Grou to Clients and from Clients to Cluster, is 100% confidential. Any conversation, action or investment is made under strict confidentiality. We also maintain a rigorous confidentiality among the different family groups within the same family.

Guaranteed return

Our investment analysis and selection focuses exclusively on those investments that have consistently outperformed their respective benchmark indices over time


Financial savings

Complying with taxation and with the rigorous fiscal laws of each country, is more than necessary. However, having an specialized international knowledge allows us, in most cases, to optimize tax costs and avoid unnecessary expenses for our clients.

Qualified team

Our multidisciplinary and highly qualified team can provide any service you may need. We also have a select network of collaborators that we can rely on to complete any type of consultation or service required by our Customers


We treat your data with maximum security, your information has never been safer. The discretion and the reliability in the traffic of the information are two fundamental pillars of our relationship as a Family Office with our Clients.

We look after your interests, we help you grow and protect your wealth

Cluster Group cares about transparency in both asset management and our own way of working.

The Cluster Group team has extensive proven experience, which is a sign of quality assurance that ensures our customers that they are being serviced by one of the leading companies in the FO space.

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