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What is a Family Office?

Is the perfect ally to properly manage your wealth

The Family Office acts as a single representative for families, supporting them by providing services as diverse as:

  1. Financial consulting and management
  2. Banking
  3. The creation of optimal fiscal structures
  4. Insurance

It is precisely this multidisciplinary aspect the great advantage of the services of a FO, and it is only thanks to the exhaustive knowledge about each family and the different family segments that comprise it, that the best consulting may be offered in complete alignment with the family’s interests.

Family Office gestión de patrimonio

Family Office - Origins

"Cluster Family Office is proud to be one of the first independent firms in Spain to provide this service."

The origins of the Family office date back to the end of the 19th century, when the first industrial sagas realized the need to create offices dedicated to the management of assets acquired from business profits, as well as providing solutions to legal, fiscal, and inheritance problems that affect the family.


Since then, Family Offices have become known for their impartial consulting and objectivity, as well as an entity that can the integrate and coordinate the services that they provide with those provided by family´s existing advisors.


A relatively recent phenomenon is the multi-family office, in which a single company consults on and manages the assets of several families. 

What are the advantages of hiring a Family Office?

Some of the advantages that a Family Office can offer you are the following:

  1. Acting as a unique interlocutor for the families
  2. Supporting services such as:
    1. Financial advising
    2. Banking tasks
    3. Creation of optimal fiscal vehicles
    4.  Contracting insurances policies
  3. Unbiased and objective advisory
  4. Integration and coordination of the services provided along with the family’s advisors

If you have got significant wealth you want to preserve and prosper, do not hesitate to contact us, we can help you.

Unique interlocutor
Supporting services
Unbiased and objetive advisory
Integration and coordination of services

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