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Create a Family Office

Create a Family Office

We help you and assist you to start a Family Office

Now is the time!

The decision to hire a family office is very important, especially because it is likely to become a long-term relationship.

For this reason, we offer the best advice for creating your own Family Office.

Those families with a high volume of assets that do not have a team of its own management, but with a desire to create, can rely on Cluster Family Office for creating an optimal structure that is able to manage properly and independently all matters related the family fortune.

The process of creating a family office requires a thorough analysis of family needs and the abilities and skills of family members.

"You want to create your own Family Office and do not know how to start? It's not an easy task, but CFO can help you"

How to create your own Family Office?

We can advise you. We are trained and qualified to help you create your own Family Office. Our services include:

  1. Identify the needs of the family
  2. Integration of existing family advisors
  3. Design of optimal structure
  4. Selection, training and monitorization of the analysis team

How to create a family office step by step?

Before creating a specific structure, it is vital to clearly comprehend the motivations and needs of all family members and make sure that they all want to be involved in the management of family assets, to the extent of their potential, in order to contribute to the continuation of family´s legacy.

There is has to be family cohesion and harmony in order to create a Family Office that will properly function.

Not all families always have the same needs.

For this reason, we have designed a screening program to help us identify the specific needs of the family.

Advantages of having Cluster Family Office as a trusted Advisor

During the first years of existence of the structure, Cluster Family Office is responsible for supporting the family in everything necessary to ensure the proper functioning of the newly created office.

Usually, the processes that require our support are:

  1. Selection of new staff that meets the needs of the Family Office and learn to understand the philosophy of the family business
  2. Training existing staff in the basics of asset management
  3. Investment analysis and management, as well as in areas that require more attention
  4. Supervision and monitoring of the structure´s performance and internal processes

CFO can provide you:

  • Support in those areas where the Family Office has more gaps
  • Assistance to the Family Office team in those aspects where they lack experience or proficiency
  • Support and professional external supervision of the Management team
  • Advice from professionals whose interests are completely aligned with those of the Family

How to detect the needs of the family?

  • We analyze the current structure of Single Family Offices or team of consultants on the payroll of the family who manage the family´s wealth.
  • We apply Analysis protocols to Family Offices to optimize the current structure and its management
  • We analyze areas managed by the Family Office as well as areas that are not 
  • We study the processes of evaluation and implementation of investments
  • We analyze the different branches of the family that are managed by the Family Office and conduct an external study of the team of advisors that influence on the management decisions.
  • We run a thorough analysis of the current structure of the Single Family Office, analyzing the strengths and potential areas for improvement in order to know and implement solutions to optimize its management

Integration of existing equipment in the Family Office

Every family business that has been successful in business, has been supported by advisors / partners outside the family. So, the families have confidence in them because of their previous and present advice and work.

Therefore, whenever a family wishes to start a new family project that involves the creation of their own Family Office, it highly recommended that those trusted advisors/partners that will integrate the new team, are trained, if necessary, to develop the necessary skills to perform their new duties.

Advantages of integrating the existing equipment in the Family Office

  • Personalized advice and analysis
  • Provide training to existing team to develop required skills.

Design of the optimal structure for a Family Office

Once the following steps are taken:

  1. Analyze current investments processes
  2. Review of Businesses shares ownerships
  3. A Comprehensive Analysis of the needs of the family and
  4. Understanding the capabilities of the current team

CFO proceeds to design and propose to the family, with the support of our tax experts, the optimal vehicle to form the Family Office and as well as the most adequate Family Governance Model that suits the needs of the family.

Selection, training and monitoring services for Family Offices

Within our services, we assist in the selection, training and monitoring of analysis team.  CFO offers support in the areas where the Family Office lacks experience or knowledge and requires external professionals (CFO) to perform such tasks or duties.

The objective, after conducting a comprehensive study of the structure and resources of the Family Office, is to support the team in the areas that are needed the most.

This allows the existing Family Office to continue to manage its own team with an external support from professionals whose interests are completely aligned with those of the Family.

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