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Clients of a Family Office

We manage the wealth of very diverse types of clients
Are you one of them?

Who are the types of clients that benefit from the CFO experience?


Knowing our different types of costumers will help you know if you should be among them.

In addition, it also serves as a perfect example for you to be aware of all our services and know why CFO stands out as one of the best-known companies in Spain providing wealth management and Family Office services.

Cluster Family Office

Clients of a Family Office

clientes family office familias empresarias

Business families

Families who have been successful in their business, usually encounter a problem that they do not know how to solve.

What to do to preserve the wealth that they have managed to accumulate with so much effort?

clientes family office empresarios

Entrepreneurs who have sold their business

Having worked so hard to grow your company, what should you do to preserve the money from the sale and to ensure the future of your family?

clientes family office artistas

Athletes and artists

You have worked so hard to get where you are right now that is always difficult to think that, due to poor wealth management, you could quickly get to lose what you have put so much effort to get.


clientes family office loterías

Sudden fortunes, inheritances and lottery winnings

You have suddenly inherited wealth from a family member and now you find yourself in the need to manage this wealth.
Or simply, you’ve had good luck and you are the recipient of a significant lottery prize. What should you do?

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